Healing Therapy


Healing brings peace and balance to mind, emotions and soul

Through touching, energy and pressure points we help the horse to release tension, stress and emotions.

Through a combination of reiki, triggerpoint and acupressure, we help horses find their peace and promote their health. This supports the horse emotionally, spiritually, energetically and physically. We also combine aromatherapy and Bach Flower Therapy to fasttrack the healing.

Just like us, animals can be out of balance by stress, negative energy or other problems. Acupressure is a pressure point massage and is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We work with the five elements and meridians to bring the horse back into balance in his/her body. I also work with triggerpoint therapy where I work on the triggerpoints on the horse his body. We heal the pain that comes from wrong movement in de muscles of the horse.

In this way we can clear the body from energy blockages by reiki and acupressure. This will enhance the health of your animal. Depending on what problems your horse has, we can find and feel where the unbalanced or blocked energy occurs in the body.

Healing comes from a selfless place. It is learning how to put everything on your mind to one side and giving your 100% focus and concentration to the animal. We heal from our being, from a place where we want to help the animal.