The Horse Communicator


In connection with your horse!

Connection comes from understanding the horse and from communicating through authentic leadership.

At The Horse Communicator we specialize in building a true connection with your horse. Everyone, if you have a love for groundwork or are a professional rider, is welcome at our place.

We offer:

  • Coaching in finding a connection with your horse through:
    • Working with Authentic power and leadership
    • Body-, mind- and emotional awareness
    • Working from our inner power and energy
    • Having the right intention and focus so the horse understands us
    • Building a true connection
    • Understanding the emotions, behavior and language of your horse
  • Healing through:
    • Acupressure
    • Reiki
    • Triggerpoint
    • Aromatherapy
    • Bach Flower Therapy

Understanding the horse through communication, behavior and body language; that is what my goal is. By a combination of training our body and spirit we learn  how to communicate through body language. The behavior of a horse is a very detailed description of how they feel. Through understanding the emotion and behavior of a horse from his perspective, we create an environment of respect and trust. In this environment, it is safe for the horse and for us to be our authentic self. Authentic leadership is about harmony, not about controlling and dominating the horse. Thanks to this knowledge about behavior, communication and body language of the horse we can understand what is going on in their mind and body.

[lvca_carousel dots=”true” autoplay_speed=”7000″ animation_speed=”300″ display_columns=”1″ scroll_columns=”1″ gutter=”10″ tablet_display_columns=”1″ tablet_scroll_columns=”1″ tablet_gutter=”10″ tablet_width=”800″ mobile_display_columns=”1″ mobile_scroll_columns=”1″ mobile_gutter=”10″ mobile_width=”480″][lvca_carousel_item]You can describe Klaartje with one word, “Wow.” The passion and love she has for the animals is indescribable. This is something she shows in her lessons and clinics. She will answer every question you have, won’t stop when she sees a problem and she will always try to find a solution. After her first lesson I knew that many more will follow. Both my horses and I enjoyed it very much, thanks to Klaartje we really found something we love to do. Thank you Klaartje!

ELLIS DEVROYE[/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item]The reason why I find the lessons and clinics of Klaartje so fascinating is because she has a fair attitude towards her customers and their horses. Because of the sincerity and love she works with, she knows how to make you more aware of the connection with yourself and your horse. She thinks together with you when there are any problems, she looks at the road you and your horse can walk on and she doesnt stop educating herself, so she always finds more ways to help horses and their trainers.

JUSTIEN LEMEY[/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item]The lessons of Klaartje are unique. Not only did they help me with my horse, but she has been a great support for me. She takes every person in to account and always adapts herself to the moment. Her lessons always include so much content, both working with your horse and working with yourself. This makes perfect sense offcourse, after all horses are the mirrors of our soul.

LISA LEMAIRE[/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item]I only had one lesson and soon will have my 2nd one. I wanted a lesson in the body balance with horses because I saw that it calms my horse and helps me a lot in lunging where she know is more relaxed. In a lesson you do everything at your own pace and Klaartje pays enough attention to all the exercises. Klaartje repeats after the lesson with you what you have learned so you can practice for your next lesson.

CHARLOTTE MERTENS[/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item]I am taking lessons from Klaartje now for several years. The horse is always the centre of the lesson, she tries to understand the horse and searches for the correct way of working with that horse. If something isnt successful, she will definitely find another method that fits for the horse. The lesson is always about following the horse his pace, it is always with out forcing the horse but yet with enough variety and challenges so the horse progresses and has fun at what you do. She always ends the lesson with a positive and good feeling for the student. Ive accomplished things during her lessons with my horse that before I could only dream of. Thanks Klaartje my horse became much more open, I opened up together with my horse and created a close bond. Thank you Klaartje!

SARAH HUMBEECK[/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item]Because of your lesson I look at my horse Chexy in a different way. I learned she doesnt need a lot of pressure than normally was necessary with her. Because of your clinic, I got a different view and learned my horse had stomach ulcers and that is how we discovered later she also has Cushing Disease. I am grateful for everything you have done for me.